by Andrew Clements

lastholiday.jpgABOUT THIS BOOK

The Last Holiday Concert starts with an introduction to Palmer Intermediate School where all the elementary students from Collins Elementary and Newman Elementary converge for sixth grade. Hart Evans is a popular student who makes the mistake of shooting a rubber band during music class. The rubber band hits the music teacher, Mr. Meinert, on the neck, and Hart ends up serving time in after-school detention for two days. However, the detention time is the easy part. The hard part is when Mr. Meinert makes Hart become the director, choreographer, costume artist, and overall producer of the last holiday concert. Mr. Meinert has just found out he will not have a job to come back to in January due to a “Reduction in Force” in the school district. He figures he has nothing to lose by letting the students put the holiday concert together with little or no assistance from him. He puts Hart in charge of the production. Hart learns how hard it is to please everyone and produce a respectable holiday concert at the same time. After much chaos and rebellion, the theme “Winterhope” is selected. The variety of student performances is interwoven into a wonderful holiday concert. Hart is changed by the experience: he has grown from a “goof-off” popular boy to a responsible and humble leader.